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TAKA group is a unity of companies under TAKA indonesia as a holding company (2009), with subsidiaries as follows :

1. TAKA Turbo (TAKA Turbomachinery Indonesia) – 1999

2. TAKA Precision (TAKA Precision Manufacture Indonesia) - 2008

3. TAKA Hydrocore (TAKA Hydrocore Indonesia) - 2010

4. TAKA Geodrill ( TAKA Geodrill Indonesia) - 2016


1. Service and Maintenance rotating equipment such as: Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, Centrifugal pump, Centrifugal Compressor and other turbomachinery.Highly skilled work performance in our workshop repair, on-site repair, and also field services repair.

2. Manufacturing turbomachinery parts (pump, turbin, fan, etc.), Industrial applications parts (Molding dies, fixture, etc.), Repair and manufacture Gearbox parts and other Fabrication.

3. Provide exploratory, geotechnical, hydrogeological, environmental and water well drilling works.

4. Provide Geotechnical vessel, Geophysical survey, and offshore support. Fully capability for Ship Service & Cargo Pump, Deck / Hull Equipment, Radio & Navigation Equipment and Life Saving & Safety Industry related We serve of various Industry as follows : - Power Generator, Refinery Oil & Gas, Petro Chemical Plant, Fertilizer, etc. - Cement Industry, Automotive, Electronics, Heavy Equipment, etc. - Mining industry, oilandgas companies, Infrastructure contractors, consultant / surveyor firm, etc.

News Update

Beasiswa Taka Turbo untuk Pelajar Disekitar Perusahaan
Dalam rangka mewujudkan salah satu Misi PT. Taka Turbomachinery Indonesia (Taka Turbo), yang merupakan salahsatu anggota Taka Group, perusahaan telah melaksanakan program Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) berupa pemberian Beasiswa Taka Turbo kepada pelajar SD, SMP, SMA, dan SLB. Program beasis
New Power of Taka Turbo
Taka Turbo is a national company that specializes in repair and services of rotating equipment machines.  Established in 1997, we continue to grow and will always evolve to be the best. PT Taka Turbomachinery Indonesia, a genuinely customer focused company that have achieved ISO 9001-2015, ISO 1
Congratulation Taka Hydrocore Indonesia, semoga semakin sukses dan jaya di laut.
Taka Hydrocore Indonesia   Is an Indonesian company established in 2010.  We provide geotechnical and geophysical survey solution as our involvement to support our goverment vision “Jalesveva Jayamahe”, to make the sea as our future with the fleet which is equipped with the latest technol

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