TAKA Geodrill established 2016 in Bandung, West Java Province, Indonesia The AG Geodrill (TAKA Geodrill vessel) is the first ever Indonesian-flagged geotechnical survey vessel. We support for mining, oil and gas and related industry.

Compay License :

1. DOC No AL. 601/322/16/DK/2019 IMO No 6051541.
2. SIUPAL PT. Taka Geodrill Indonesia No 19/1/Siupal/PMDN 2018.
3. INSA Member no 2369/INSA/V/2018.

Vision & Mission

Vision :

Become a leader in Vessel Provider  for geotechnical industry in Indonesia and regional. 

Mission :

       Consitently to provide best quality services to achieve Customer Satisfaction.

       Providing and maintaining services with safe, healthy and environtment standard 

       Contribute and create value for stake holder of the company


Board of Commissioners & Board of Directors


President Commissioner

Syukri Fitrialdi

M. Syukri Fitrialdi was born in Padang 1968. Graduated his bachelor degree and magister degree from Institute Teknologi Bandung ITB. This intelligent and humorist person are well known in professionalism Geotechnical & Geo hydrological, Deep Water Well Drilling and Deep Exploratory, Water Well Drillings and Pumping, Onshore & offshore / near shore Geotechnical  Investigation for over two decades.


Triana Yuda Agung W.

Triana Yuda Agung Wibawa was born in Jayapura, Papua in 1981. This financial book lovers was graduated from Maranatha University, majoring electrical engineering. With his many year of professional banking experienced he is be able to maintain and supervise of company cash flow at Taka Group. His accuracy calculation on company cash flow are best recomendation to help the company financial establish and healthy


President Director

Rahmad Indrawan

Rahmad Indrawan was born in Padang 1971. Graduated from Andalas University Padang. This humble and charismatic person was start his professional skill onshore and offshore geotechnical project since eight years ago.
Finance & Administration Director

Irfan Nauli Noor

Irfan Nauli Noor was born in Pandeglang 1982. Graduated from University of Padjajaran, Bandung. This Loyal and hard work gentleman was active in eleven years of professional experience on Accounting and Taxes.


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