TAKA Indonesia estabished in 2009, a Holding Company for subsidiaries company as follows :

1.    TAKA Turbo (TAKA Turbomachinery Indonesia) – 1999

2.    TAKA Precision (TAKA Precision Manufacture Indonesia) - 2008

3.    TAKA Hydrocore (TAKA Hydrocore Indonesia) - 2010

4.    TAKA Geodrill ( TAKA Geodrill Indonesia) - 2016

Vision & Mission

Vision :

Spread the advantage by developing industries based on the mastery of science and technology

Mission :

- Build continuous development on human resource

- Manage cooperations with the mastership of science and technology owners

- Add Values for Stakeholders by implementing Business Ethics, Good Corporate Governance, and

  actively involve in Corporate Social Responsibility


Board of Directors


President Director

Denni Andri

Was born in Padang, West Sumatera in 1971 and he was graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). Strong entrepreneurship showed since he found this company and its business group. In 2012, he awarded as Finalist Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. His clear vision and passion to develop national industries bring the company as public listed is his ultimate goal in near future.

Treasury & Finance Director

Triana Yuda Agung W.

Triana Yuda Agung Wibawa was born in Jayapura, Papua in 1981. This financial book lovers was graduated from Maranatha University, majoring electrical engineering. With his many year of professional banking experienced he is be able to maintain and supervise of company cash flow at Taka Group. His accuracy calculation on company cash flow are best recomendation to help the company financial establish and healthy

External Affair Director

Santo Dewatmoko

Was born in Bandung on 1971. This open mind and modern kind of gentleman was graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), PPM Graduated School of Management (Jakarta) , and The University of Sheffield (United Kingdom, UK), and also Doctoral program in Padjadjaran University. He was awarded the Chevening Award from British Government (United Kingdom, UK); the Vice President Team Award from World Bank; the Young Achivement Award from Major of Bandung City. Having more than 20 years professional experiences with various positions in International Organization, such as: World Bank, TESCO UK; Private Sector, such as: Intermatrix Indonesia; Government Organization, such as: Indonesia Presidential Palace; Non-Government Organization, such as: Perspektif Baru Foundation, Indonesia Tennis Association; Mass Media, such as: Indonesia Business Magazine; and also Campus, such as: ITB, STIE Ekuitas, STIKOM, etc.

Human Capital Director

Andi Purnomo

Andi Purnomo, was born in Wonogiri 1981, Graduated from Jayabaya University for his Technical Engineering and Widyatama University for his Master of Management. He was one of the best talent and was involved in the growth and development of Taka Group for over the past decade, The young and talented gentleman from East Java has professional experience in turbomachinery equipment services Industries for over than a decade. To achieve continuous growth and sustainability for Taka Precision Manufacturing Indonesia is one of his main goals.

News Update

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