TAKA HYDROCORE INDONESIA (THI) is an Indonesian company established in 2010 providing exploratory, geotechnical, hydrogeological, environmental and water well drilling works for mining companies, oil and gas companies, infrastructure contractors and consultant firms. THI is a registered company for Mining Exploration consultant and contractor (SIUJP) from Indonesian Energy and Mineral Resources Department (ESDM) No. 521.K/30/DJB/2012, and a registered company for water well drilling and also THI has Category A is indicating as a large scale contractor with number of manpower resources more 200 persons, Marine equipments i.e AG Geodrill Geotechnical Vessel with TH-25M drill rig, Geotechnical steel pontoon with TH6#1 heave compensator drilling rig, Offshore & Onshore Laboratory devices and capable to execute contract in progress of more than USD 500,000. We also a drill rig manufacturing company producing high quality top-drive and multi-purpose rigs.

Vision & Mission

Vision :

Become a leader in Geo technical survey and data acquisition in Indonesia and regional

Mission :

1. Consistently to provide best quality of product and services to achieve Customer Satisfaction.

2. Providing and maintaining a safe, healthy and productive working environment and

    regulations compliance.

3.Contribute and create value for stake holder of the company.


Board of Commissioners & Board of Directors

President Commissioner

Rahmad Indrawan

Rahmad Indrawan was born in Padang 1971. Graduated from Andalas University Padang. This humble and charismatic person was start his professional skill onshore and offshore geotechnical project since eight years ago.



Triana Yuda Agung W.

Triana Yuda Agung Wibawa was born in Jayapura, Papua in 1981. This financial book lovers was graduated from Maranatha University, majoring electrical engineering. With his many year of professional banking experienced he is be able to maintain and supervise of company cash flow at Taka Group. His accuracy calculation on company cash flow are best recomendation to help the company financial establish and healthy



President Director

Syukri Fitrialdi

M. Syukri Fitrialdi was born in Padang 1968. Graduated his bachelor degree and magister degree from Institute Teknologi Bandung ITB. This intelligent and humorist person are well known in professionalism Geotechnical & Geo hydrological, Deep Water Well Drilling and Deep Exploratory, Water Well Drillings and Pumping, Onshore & offshore / near shore Geotechnical  Investigation for over two decades

Finance & Operational Director

Denni Andri

Was born in Padang, West Sumatera in 1971 and he was graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). Strong entrepreneurship showed since he found this company and its business group. In 2012, he awarded as Finalist Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. His clear vision and passion to develop national industries bring the company as public listed is his ultimate goal in near future.


Commercial Director

Frans Eduard Zandstra

Was born in Jakarta, in 1985 and he was graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) majoring in Ocean Engineering. He was start his professional career since 2007. With his experiences, he appointed to be Commercial Director of Taka Hydrocore Indonesia.