New Power of Taka Turbo

Taka Turbo is a national company that specializes in repair and services of rotating equipment


Established in 1997, we continue to grow and will always evolve to be the best.

PT Taka Turbomachinery Indonesia, a genuinely customer focused company that have achieved ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001 : 2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certification, equipped with the highly competent and comprehensive facilities we are confident to compete and able to be in the front.

Congratulation Taka Hydrocore Indonesia, semoga semakin sukses dan jaya di laut.

Taka Hydrocore Indonesia


Is an Indonesian company established in 2010. 

We provide geotechnical and geophysical survey solution as our involvement to support our goverment vision “Jalesveva Jayamahe”, to make the sea as our future with the fleet which is equipped with the latest technologies.  

We are the pioneer who provide 3D High Resolution Seismic in South East Asia, recently known as the highest technology for imaging shallow exploration target and geohazard analysis.

Dirgahayu Taka Turbo ke 22 tahun (9 Agustus 1998 - 2020)

Ditengah Pandemik Covid19, Taka Turbo yang merupakan cikal bakal Taka Group, tetap memperingati hari jadinya yang ke 22, dengan menjalankan Protokol Kesehatan serta menerapkan Adaptasi Kebiasaan Baru. Taka Turbo dilahirkan saat Krisis Ekonomi 1998, dan tahun 2020 kembali menghadapi krisis, bahkan sekaligus 2 krisis yaitu krisis Kesehatan karena Pandemik Covid19 dan dampak pandemik terhadap Ekonomi Indonesia serta Dunia. Semoga Taka Turbo serta Taka Group mampu bertahan dan berkesinambungan untuk tetap berkontribusi untuk kemajuan Indonesia.


We’re back with our "Management Trainee" program for fresh graduate from reputable university. Management trainee is an exclusive 12 months program that will create young talented future leader for Taka Group.


1. Technical Engineering2. Sales and Marketing

3. Human Resources

4. Finance and Administration

How to apply?

Go to link or Scan the Barcode.

Application deadline :  October 18th, 2020.


News Update

Pengecekan fisik kapal Dolphin Geo Survey buatan Batam sebelum diberangkatkan ke Republik Kongo untuk menjalankan misinya
Taka Hydrocore berangkatkan kapal Geo Survey ke Kongo akhir Januari
Bank bjb Tinjau Kesiapan Kapal Dolphin Geo Survey di Galangan Kapal Batamec
Management Trainee Batch VIII
Hello! We’re excited to announce that we’re back with our Management Trainee Program! Who is